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  • Higher leaf nitrogen content is linked to tighter stomatalregulation of transpiration and more efficient water use acrossdryland trees 

    Querejeta, José Ignacio; Prieto, Ivan; Armas, Cristina; Casanoves, Fernando; Diémé, Joseph S.; Diouf, Mayécor; Yossi, Harouna; Kaya, Bocary; Pugnaire, Francisco I.; Rusch, Graciela (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    The least-cost economic theory of photosynthesis shows that water and nitrogen are mutu-ally substitutable resources to achieve a given carbon gain. However, vegetation in the Sahelhas to cope with the dual challenge imposed ...
  • Late Holocene anthropogenic landscapechange in northwestern Europe impactedinsect biodiversity as much as climatechange did after the last Ice Age 

    Pilotto, Francesca; Rojas, Alexis; Buckland, Philip I. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Since the last Ice Age (ca115 000–11 700 years ago), the geographical rangesof most plants and animals have shifted, expanded or contracted. Under-standing the timing, geographical patterns and drivers of past changes ...
  • The role of participatory scenarios in ecological restoration: a systematic map protocol 

    Moore, Eleanor; Howson, Pete; Grainger, Matthew; Teh, Yit Arn; Pfeifer, Marion (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    Background: The scale of land degradation worldwide has led the UN to declare the Decade of Ecosystem Restoration and movements such as the Bonn Challenge (https:// www. bonnc halle nge. org/), have placed ecological ...
  • Variation and correlation in the timing of breeding of North Atlantic seabirds across multiple scales 

    Keogan, Katharine; Daunt, Francis; Wanless, Sarah; Phillips, Richard A.; Alvarez, David; Anker-Nilssen, Tycho; Barrett, Robert; Bech, Claus; Becker, Peter H.; Berglund, Per-Arvid; Bouwhuis, Sandra; Burr, Zofia M.; Chastel, Olivier; Christensen-Dalsgaard, S*; Christensen-Dalsgaard, Signe; Descamps, Sebastien; Diamond, Tony; Elliott, Kyle; Erikstad, Kjell E.; Harris, Mike; Hentati-Sundberg, Jonas; Heubeck, Martin; Kress, Stephen W.; Langset, Magdalene; Lorentsen, Svein-Håkon; Major, Heather L.; Mallory, Mark; Mellor, Mick; Miles, Will T.S.; Moe, Børge; Mostello, Carolyn; Newell, Mark; Nisbet, Ian; Reiertsen, Tone Kristin; Rock, Jennifer; Shannon, Paula; Varpe, Øystein; Lewis, Sue; Phillimore, Albert B. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
    1. Timing of breeding, an important driver of fitness in many populations, is widely studied in the context of global change, yet despite considerable efforts to identify environmental drivers of seabird nesting phenology, ...
  • Spredning av nasjonalt og regionalt fremmed ferskvannsfisk i perioden 2013-2021 

    Hesthagen, Trygve; Sandlund, Odd Terje (NINA Rapport;2099, Research report, 2022)
    Hesthagen, T. & Sandlund, O.T. 2022. Spredning av nasjonalt og regionalt fremmed ferskvannsfisk i perioden 2013-2021. NINA Rapport 2099. Norsk institutt for naturforskning. Menneskeskapt spredning av fisk i ferskvann er ...

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