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  • Historical human impact on Productivity and biodiversity in a subalpine oligotrophic lake in Scandinavia 

    Jensen, Thomas Correll; Zawiska, Izabela; Oksman, Mimmi; Słowiński, Michał; Woszczyk, Michał; Luoto, Tomi P.; Tylmann, Wojciech; Nevalainen, Liisa; Obremska, Milena; Schartau, Ann Kristin; Walseng, Bjørn (Journal article, 2019)
    We conducted a paleolimnological study to examine how changes in human activity interacted with climate to influence productivity and biodiversity over the past millennium in oligotrophic Lake Atnsjøen, SE Norway. The study ...
  • Hyperlocal mapping of urban air temperature using remote sensing and crowdsourced weather data 

    Venter, Alexander Samuel; Brousse, Oscar; Esau, Igor; Meier, Fred (Journal article, 2020)
    The impacts of climate change such as extreme heat waves are exacerbated in cities where most of the world's population live. Quantifying urbanization impacts on ambient air temperatures (Tair) has relevance for human ...
  • Effects of human-induced disturbances and weather on herbivore movement 

    Leclerc, Martin; Tarroux, Arnaud; Fauchald, Per; Stien, Audun; Tveraa, Torkild; St-Laurent, Martin-Hugues (Journal article, 2019)
    Human-caused habitat disturbances and climate change are leading threats to biodiversity. Studying the impacts of human activities on wildlife from a behavioral perspective is a relevant starting point to understand the ...
  • Winter decrease of zooplankton abundance and biomass in subalpine oligotrophic Lake Atnsjøen (SE Norway) 

    Jensen, Thomas Correll (Journal article, 2019)
    Despite the rapidly changing winter conditions in temperate ecosystems, little attention has been devoted to the effects of these changes on lake ecology. Few studies on the seasonal changes in abundance and biomass of the ...
  • Consequences of past climate change and recent human persecution on mitogenomic diversity in the arctic fox 

    Larsson, Petter; von Seth, Johanna; Hagen, Ingerid Julie; Götherström, Anders; Androsov, Semyon; Germonpre, Mietje; Bergfeldt, Nora; Fedorov, Sergey; Eide, Nina Elisabeth; Sokolova, Natalia; Berteaux, Dominique; Angerbjörn, Anders; Flagstad, Øystein; Plotnikov, Valeri; Norén, Karin; Diez-Del-Molino, David; Dussex, Nicolas; Stanton, David W.G.; Dalén, Linda (Journal article, 2019)
    Ancient DNA provides a powerful means to investigate the timing, rate and extent of population declines caused by extrinsic factors, such as past climate change and human activities. One species probably affected by both ...

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