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dc.contributor.authorUlvund, Kristine
dc.contributor.authorDijk, Jiska van
dc.contributor.authorKleven, Oddmund
dc.contributor.authorDahle, Sondre
dc.coverage.spatialNorway, Møre og Romsdalnb_NO
dc.description.abstractUlvund, K., Van Dijk, J., Kleven, O. and Dahle, S. 2017. Otter monitoring Nyhamna, Aukra. Results 2015. NINA Kortrapport 3. 18 p. In February and October 2015, fresh otter faeces were collected at the industrial area Nyhamna, the adjacent coastal zones and on the smaller island adjacent to Aukra. DNA was extracted from 270 samples. Of these 270 samples, 95 rendered a successful otter DNA profile representing 16 females and 12 males. Of the 16 females, ten individuals were picked up only in one of the sampling periods (February or October). Six of the females were picked up in both periods. The DNA results showed 12 different males during the two sampling periods, eight in October and six in February. Only two of the males were identified in both periods. Those individuals identified in both field periods may indicate established adults, but more study years needs to be included for more certainty. The opportunity, provided by Shell Norge AS to test this non-invasive method regarding collection and storage of otter faeces and jelly gives us a unique possibility to enhance this field and laboratory methodology. It also enables us to improve our understanding of local population density dynamics over time.nb_NO
dc.publisherNorsk institutt for naturforskningnb_NO
dc.relation.ispartofseriesNINA Kortrapport;3
dc.subjectNINA Kortrapportnb_NO
dc.subjectMøre og Romsdal fylkenb_NO
dc.subjectEurasisk oternb_NO
dc.subjectLutra lutranb_NO
dc.subjectOrmen Langenb_NO
dc.subjectMøre and Romsdal countynb_NO
dc.subjectEurasian otternb_NO
dc.subjectpopulation densitynb_NO
dc.titleOtter monitoring Nyhamna, Aukra. Results 2015nb_NO
dc.typeResearch reportnb_NO
dc.source.pagenumber18 s.nb_NO
dc.description.localcode© Norsk institutt for naturforskning. Publikasjonen kan siteres fritt med kildeangivelse.nb_NO

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  • NINA Kortrapport [72]
    Tilbakemeldinger til oppdragsgiver underveis i prosjektet. Er enklere i formen enn de øvrige NINA-seriene.

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