• Effects of body size on estimation of mammalian area requirements 

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      Accurately quantifying species’ area requirements is a prerequisite for effective area-based conservation. This typically involves collecting tracking data on species of interest and then conducting home-range analyses. ...
    • Importance of spatial configuration of deadwood habitats in species conservation 

      Ranius, Thomas; Snäll, Tord; Nordén, Jenni (Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Komonen and Müller (2018) aimed to inform connectivity conservation of saproxylic (deadwood-dependent) organisms. Out of the many different definitions of connectivity, they focus on structural connectivity and relate it ...
    • Need for transparent and repeatable conservation frameworks: reply to Child et al. 2019 

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    • Public perception of river fish biodiversity in four European countries 

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      Public support for biodiversity conservation is shaped by people’s values and their knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes toward the environment. We conducted the first multinational representative survey of the general public’s ...