Recent Submissions

  • Positive impacts of important bird and biodiversity areas on wintering waterbirds under changing temperatures throughout Europe and North Africa 

    Pavòn-Jordàn, Diego; Abdou, Web; Azafzaf, Hichem; Balaž, Michal; Bino, Taulant; Borg, John J.; Božič, Luca; Butchart, Stuart H.M.; Clausen, Preben; Sniauksta, Laimonas; Dakki, Mohamed; Devos, Koen; Domsa, Cristi; Encarnaçao, Vitor; Etayeb, Khaled; Faragó, Sándor; Fox, Anthony D.; Frost, Teresa; Gaudard, Clemence; Georgiev, Valeri; Goratze, Irakli; Hornman, Menno; Keller, Verena; Kostiushyn, Vasiliy; Langendoen, Tom; Ławicki, Łukasz; Ieronymidou, Christina; Lewis, Lesley J.; Lorentsen, Svein Håkon; Luigujõe, Leho; Meissner, Wlodzimierz; Mikuska, Tibor; Molina, Blas; Musil, Petr; Musilova, Zuzana; Nagy, Szabolcs; Natykanets, Viktor; Nilsson, Leif; Paquet, Jean-Yves; Portolou, Danae; Ridzon, Josef; Santangeli, Andrea; Sayoud, Samir; Šćiban, Marko; Stipniece, Antra; Teufelbauer, Norbert; Topić, Goran; Uzunova, Danka; Vizi, Andrej; Wahl, Johannes; Yavuz, Kiraz E.; Zenatello, Marco; Lehikoinen, Aleksi (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Migratory waterbirds require an effectively conserved cohesive network of wetland areas throughout their range and life-cycle. Under rapid climate change, protected area (PA) networks need to be able to accommodate ...
  • End-user involvement to improve predictions and management of populations with complex dynamics and multiple drivers 

    Henden, John-André; Ims, Rolf Anker; Yoccoz, Nigel; Asbjørnsen, Einar Johannes; Stien, Audun; Mellard, Jarad Pope; Tveraa, Torkild; Marolla, Filippo; Jepsen, Jane Uhd (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Sustainable management of wildlife populations can be aided by building models that both identify current drivers of natural dynamics and provide near-term predictions of future states. We employed a Strategic Foresight ...
  • Globally consistent climate sensitivity of natural disturbances across boreal and temperate forest ecosystems 

    Seidl, Rupert; Honkaniemi, Juha; Aakala, Tuomas; Aleinikov, Alexey; Angelstam, Per; Bouchard, Mathieu; Boulanger, Yan; Burton, Philip J.; De Grandpré, Louis; Gauthier, Sylvie; Hansen, Winslow D.; Jepsen, Jane Uhd; Jõgiste, Kalev; Kneeshaw, Daniel D.; Kuuluvainen, Timo; Lisitsyna, Olga; Makoto, Kobayashi; Mori, Akira S.; Pureswaran, Deepa S.; Shorohova, Ekaterina; Shubnitsina, Elena; Taylor, Anthony R.; Vladimirova, Nadezhda; Vodde, Floortje; Senf, Cornelius (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Disturbance regimes are changing in forests across the world in response to global climate change. Despite the profound impacts of disturbances on ecosystem services and biodiversity, assessments of disturbances at the ...
  • Antarctic petrels ‘on the ice rocks’: wintering strategy of an Antarctic seabird 

    Delord, Karine; Kato, A.; Tarroux, Arnaud; Orgeret, F.; Cotté, C.; Ropert-Coudert, Yan; Cherel, Y.; Descamps, Sebastien (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    There is a paucity of information on the foraging ecology, especially individual use of sea-ice features and icebergs, over the non-breeding season in many seabird species. Using geolocators and stable isotopes, we defined ...
  • Setting reference levels and limits for good ecological condition in terrestrial ecosystems – Insights from a case study based on the IBECA approach 

    Jakobsson, Simon; Töpper, Joachim Paul; Evju, Marianne; Framstad, Erik; Lyngstad, Anders; Pedersen, Bård; Sickel, Hanne; Sverdrup-Thygeson, Anne; Vandvik, Vigdis; Velle, Liv Guri; Aarrestad, Per Arild (Journal article, 2020)
    Effective evidence-based nature conservation and habitat management relies on developing and refining our methodological toolbox for detecting critical ecological changes at an early stage. This requires not only optimizing ...
  • Development of new metrics to assess and quantify climatic drivers of Extreme event driven Arctic browning 

    Treharne, Rachael; Bjerke, Jarle W.; Tømmervik, Hans; Phoenix, Gareth H. (Journal article, 2020)
    Rapid climate change in Arctic regions is resulting in more frequent extreme climatic events. These can cause large-scale vegetation damage, and are therefore among key drivers of declines in biomass and productivity (or ...
  • Effects and recovery of larvae of the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusa (Desmophyllum pertusum) exposed to suspended bentonite, barite and drill cuttings 

    Jarnegren, Johanna; Brooke, Sandra; Jensen, Henrik; (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Fossil fuel drilling operations create sediment plumes and release waste materials into the ocean. These operations sometimes occur close to sensitive marine ecosystems, such as cold-water corals. While there have been ...
  • Multi‑generational genetic consequences of reinforcement in a bird metapopulation 

    Ranke, Peter Sjolte; Skjelseth, Sigrun; Hagen, Ingerid Julie; Billing, Anna Maria; Borg Pedersen, Åsa Alexandra; Pärn, Henrik; Ringsby, Tor Harald; Sæther, Bernt Erik; Jensen, Henrik (Journal article, 2020)
    Translocation of conspecific individuals to reduce extinction risk of small, isolated populations and prevent genetic depletion is a powerful tool in conservation biology. An important question is how the translocated ...
  • Hvorfor og hvordan endres Kyst-Norge. Hva mener fagfolk? 

    Kaltenborn, Bjørn Petter; Wold, Line Camilla; Rybråten, Stine (Journal article, 2020)
    Coastal environments are under pressure worldwide. The challenges of environmental degradation, increasing resource exploitation, and population growth are being exacerbated by climate change. Coastal zone management has ...
  • Conserving Wolves by Transforming Them? The Transformative E!fects of Technologies of Government in Biodiversity Conservation 

    Stokland, Håkon B. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    This article investigates the construction of instruments and techniques employed in the management of Norwegian wolves since the early 1980s by construing the tools as technologies of government. The proliferation of such ...
  • Hunters as citizen scientists: Contributions to biodiversity monitoring in Europe 

    Cretois, Benjamin; Linnell, John Durrus; Grainger, Matthew; Nilsen, Erlend B.; Rød, Jan Ketil (Journal article, 2020)
    Monitoring biodiversity characteristics at large scales and with adequate resolution requires considerable effort and resources. Overall, there is clearly a huge scope for European hunters, a special and often overlooked ...
  • Bycatch in local fishery disrupts natural reestablishment of Eurasian otter in western Norway 

    Landa, Arild; Guidos, Steven (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Lack of proper estimates of nonreported bycatch has made it difficult to evaluate the actual impact of bycatch in many local fisheries. For the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra), there are no published estimates on the extent ...
  • Is subarctic forest advance able to keep pace with climate change? 

    Rees, W.Gareth; Hofgaard, Annika; Boudreau, Stephanie; Cairns, David; Harper, Karen; Mamet, Steven; Mathisen, Ingrid; Swirad, Zuzanna; Tutubalina, Olga (Journal article, 2020)
    Recent climate warming and scenarios for further warming have led to expectations of rapid movement of ecological boundaries. Here we focus on the circumarctic forest–tundra ecotone (FTE), which represents an important ...
  • Biodiversity policy beyond economic growth 

    Otero, Iago; Farrell, Katharine N.; Pueyo, Salvador; Kallis, Giorgos; Kehoe, Laura; Haberl, Helmut; Plutzar, Christoph; Hobson, Peter; Garcia-Marquez, Jaime; Rodríguez-Labajos, Beatriz; Martin, Jean-Louis; Erb, Karl-Heinz; Schindler, Stefan; Nielsen, Jonas; Skorin, Teuta; Settele, Josef; Essl, Franz; Gomez-Baggethun, Erik; Brotons, Lluis; Rabitsch, Wolfgang; Schneider, Francois; Pe'er, Guy (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
    Increasing evidence—synthesized in this paper—shows that economic growth contributes to biodiversity loss via greater resource consumption and higher emissions. Nonetheless, a review of international biodiversity and ...
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the Ramsar Convention in preserving wintering waterbirds in the Mediterranean 

    Gaget, E.; Le Viol, I.; Pavón-Jordán, Diego; Cazalis, V.; Kerbiriou, C.; Jiguet, F.; Popoff, N.; Dami, L.; Mondain-Monval, J.Y.; Defos du Rau, P.; Abdou, W.A.I.; Bozic, L.; Dakki, M.; Encarnação, V.M.F.; Erciyas-Yavuz, K.; Etayeb, K.S.; Molina, B.; Petkov, N.; Uzunova, D.; Zenatello, M.; Galewski, T. (Journal article, 2020)
    lthough biological conservation is based on international agreements, its effectiveness depends on how countries implement such recommendations as effective conservation tools. The Ramsar Convention is the oldest international ...
  • Arctic avian predators synchronise their spring migration with the northern progression of snowmelt 

    Curk, Teja; Pokrovsky, Ivan; Lecomte, Nicolas; Aarvak, Tomas; Burnham, Kurt; Dietz, Andreas; Franke, Alastair; Gauthier, Gilles; Jacobsen, Karl-Otto; Kidd, Jeff; Lewis, Stephen B.; Øien, Ingar J.; Solheim, Roar; Wiebe, Karen; Wikelski, Martin; Therrien, Jean-François; Safi, Kamran (Journal article, 2020)
  • Omfattende spredning og bekjempelse av gjedde i Trøndelag 

    Hesthagen, Trygve H.; Rikstad, Anton; Adolfsen, Pål; Sandlund, Odd Terje; Bardal, Helge; Bergan, Morten Andre; Berger, Hans Mack; Finstad, Anders Gravbrøt; Olsen, Kay-Arne; Nøst, Terje; Sandodden, Roar; Sivertsgård, Rolf; Slettom, Lars (Journal article, 2020)
    I Trøndelag er gjedda naturlig utbredt bare i Murusjøen i Muruelvvassdraget i nordøst og i noen lokaliteter i Trysilelvvassdraget i sør. Helt siden middelalderen har mennesker spredt gjedde i fylket, men spesielt i løpet ...
  • On some Entoloma species (Tricholomatinae, Basidiomycota) little known or new to Norway 

    Brandrud, Tor Erik; Bendiksen, Egil; Jordal, John Bjarne; Weholt, Øyvind; Dima, Bálint; Morozova, Olga; Noordeloos, Machiel E. (Journal article, 2020)
    This is the second paper reporting major results from the Norwegian Entoloma project 2015- 2017. Here we present species that are new to Norway or little known, from the following smaller clades: Caeruleopolitum, Claudopus, ...
  • Monitoring Winter Stress Vulnerability of High-Latitude Understory Vegetation Using Intraspecific Trait Variability and Remote Sensing Approaches 

    Ritz, Elmar; Bjerke, Jarle W.; Tømmervik, Hans (Journal article, 2020)
    In this study, we focused on three species that have proven to be vulnerable to winter stress: Empetrum nigrum, Vaccinium vitis-idaea and Hylocomium splendens. Our objective was to determine plant traits suitable for ...
  • The impact of human land use and landscape productivity on population dynamics of red fox in southeastern Norway 

    Jahren, Torfinn; Odden, Morten; Linnell, John Durrus; Panzacchi, Manuela (Journal article, 2020)

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