• Alien species and the Water Framework Directive: Recommendations for assessing ecological status in fresh waters in Norway 

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      1. Invasive alien species are recognized as a significant anthropogenic threat to freshwater ecosystems, because they may bring about the local extinction of native species and the collapse of habitat types of special ...
    • Atlantic salmon in a rapidly changing environment—Facing the challenges of reduced marine survival and climate change 

      Thorstad, Eva Bonsak; Bliss, Doug; Breau, Cindy; Damon-Randall, Kimberly; Sundt-Hansen, Line Elisabeth Breivik; Hatfield, Emma M.C.; Horsburgh, Grant; Hansen, Heidi; Maoiléidigh, Niall Ó.; Sheehan, Timothy F.; Sutton, Stephen G. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2021)
      1. Atlantic salmon populations have declined in recent decades. Many of the threats to the species during its freshwater and coastal residency periods are known, and management approaches are available to mitigate them. ...
    • Captive breeding of European freshwater mussels as aconservation tool: A review 

      Geist, Juergen; Thielen, Frankie; Lavictoire, Louise; Hoess, Rebecca; Altmueller, Reinhard; Baudrimont, Magalie; Blaize, Christine; Campos, Miquel; Carrol, Paul; Daill, Daniel; Degelmann, Wolfgang; Dettmer, Rainer; Denic, Marco; Dury, Pierrick; de Eyto, Elvira; Grunicke, Felix; Gumpinger, Clemens; Jakobsen, Per J.; Kaldma, Katrin; Klaas, Kunnar; Legeay, Alexia; Magerøy, Jon Hamner; Moorkens, Evelyn A.; Motte, Gregory; Nakamura, Keiko; Ondina, Paz; Österling, Martin; Pichler-Scheder, Christian; Spisar, Ondrej; Reis, Joaquim; Schneider, Lea D.; Schwarzer, Arno; Selheim, Heidi; Soler, Joaquín; Taskinen, Jouni; Taylor, John; Strachan, Ben; Wengstrom, Niklas; Zając, Tadeusz (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      1. Freshwater mussels are declining throughout their range. Their importantecological functions along with insufficient levels of natural recruitment haveprompted captive breeding for population augmentation and questions ...
    • Demonstrating the practical impact of studies on biotic interactions and adaptation of a threatened unionoid mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) to its host fish (Salmo trutta) 

      Österling, Martin E.; Larsen, Bjørn Mejdell; Arvidsson, Björn (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      conservation evaluation, fish, invertebrates, stream
    • Novel large-scale mapping highlights poor state of sea trout populations 

      Fiske, Peder; Forseth, Torbjørn; Thorstad, Eva Bonsak; Bakkestuen, Vegar; Einum, Sigurd; Falkegård, Morten; Garmo, Øyvind A.; Garseth, Åse Helen; Skoglund, Helge; Solberg, Monica Favnebøe; Utne, Kjell Rong; Vollset, Knut; Vøllestad, Leif Asbjørn; Wennevik, Vidar (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2024)
      1. The state of sea trout in 1251 Norwegian watercourses was assessed based on a scoring system for human pressures, abundance data, and local knowledge. 2. Over 16,000 km of rivers and lakes were available to sea trout ...