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dc.contributor.authorHaukeland, Per Ingvar
dc.contributor.authorBrandtzæg, Bent Aslak
dc.description.abstractThis article is based on the evaluation of two national programs in Norway on values creation based on natural and cultural resources from 2006 to 2014, and it has been used by Oppland county council program on Values creation and Innovation based on nature and culture (2011-2016) and the Directorate for rural development (2016-2018). This article will address: what is broad values creation? How is broad values creation used as a strategy for sustainable place development? We will adhere to both a critical and constructive political ecology approach. Three key points are made: 1) broad values creation is the interplay between social, cultural, environmental and economic values creation, 2) there are conflicts between actors promoting use and protection of the natural- and cultural heritage that are sorted out in broad values creation strategies, 3) broad values creation is contingent to a synthesis of various factors, among them nature and culture, use and protection, private goods and public goods, local and global. A vertical glocal dimension and a horizontal dimension in a Quadruple Helix model are outlined. For broad values creation to be sustainable, all forms of values creation need to be assessed. A reinforcing interaction is a prerequisite for broad values creation to contribute to sustainable place-development. Finally, the establishment of new forms of cooperation and the introduction of new working methods, priorities and solutions, proves to be demanding without legitimacy in national guidelines and policies.nb_NO
dc.publisherNorsk Institutt for Naturforskning (NINA)nb_NO
dc.subjectBroad values creationnb_NO
dc.subjectenvironmental values creationnb_NO
dc.subjectsocial values creationnb_NO
dc.subjectcultural values creationnb_NO
dc.subjecteconomic values creationnb_NO
dc.subjectprotection and use of nature and cultural heritagenb_NO
dc.subjectplace-based community economic developmentnb_NO
dc.subjectprotected areasnb_NO
dc.subjectenvironmental conflictsnb_NO
dc.subjectintegral environmental management modelsnb_NO
dc.subjectpolitical ecologynb_NO
dc.titleBred verdiskaping som strategi for bærekraftig stedsutviklingnb_NO
dc.typeJournal articlenb_NO
dc.source.pagenumberS. 32-50
dc.source.journalUtmark : tidsskrift for utmarksforskningnb_NO

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    Hovedmålsettingen med Tidsskriftet Utmark er å formidle kunnskap om bruk og forvaltning av utmark, og bidra til dialog og debatt mellom aktører som jobber med, og er opptatt av, utmarka.

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