• Down a hole: missing GPS positions reveal birth dates of an underground denning species, the red fox 

      Walton, Zea Ann; Mattisson, Jenny (Others, 2021)
      Global positioning system (GPS) technology is increasingly used to study animal behavior. However, some animals exhibit behaviors that may result in the failure to acquire a GPS position, such as for species with underground ...
    • First observation of fouling of externally attached radio transmitters in an African river 

      Jacobs, Francois Jakob; Weyl, Olaf Lawrence Friedrich; Ulvan, Eva Marita; Hay, Clinton; Næsje, Tor (Others, 2020)
      Fouling of externally attached tags is an important consideration in long-term tagging studies as it may affect fish behaviour and well-being. Two externally attached radio transmitters on African tigerfish Hydrocynus ...
    • Forsterking av vegetasjonsdekke i Rødsmoen - skyte- og øvingsfelt – 7 år etter 

      Hagen, Dagmar; Skrindo, A.B.; Olsen, S.L. (NINA Fakta;1-2015, Others, 2015)
    • The Inocybe-Conocybe workshops at Dombås 2021-2022 

      Brandrud, Tor Erik; Dima, Bálint (Others, 2023)
      Some results from the Inocybe(-Conocybe) workshops at Dombås 2021-2022 are presented, with emphasis on the 2021 Inocybe results, based on extensive ITS-DNA sequencing and phylogenetic analyses. Among the 60 Inocybe s. lat. ...
    • NINA Annual Report 2013 

      Myklebust, Norunn Sæther (NINA Annual Report;, Others, 2014)
    • NINA Annual Report 2014 

      Myklebust, Norunn Sæther (NINA Annual report;, Others, 2015)
    • NINA årsmelding 2012 

      Myklebust, Norunn Sæther (NINA Årsmelding;, Others, 2013)
    • NINA årsmelding 2013 

      Myklebust, Norunn Sæther (NINA Årsmelding;, Others, 2014)
    • NINA årsmelding 2014 

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    • Observations of a White-tailed Eagle incubating eggs of a Greylag goose 

      Jacobsen, Karl-Otto; Sexton, David (Others, 2023)
      Interspecific takeovers of nests are thought to be rare in birds. A female White-tailed Eagle Haliaeetus albicilla was observed incubating a nest of a Greylag Goose Anser anser with five eggs at Reinøya, Troms County, ...
    • Presenting Conclusions from Assessed Evidence 

      Sutherland, William J.; Amano, Tatsuya; Boenisch, Nicolas; Cheng, Samantha H.; Christie, Alec P.; Godfray, Hugh Charles Jonathan; Grainger, Matthew; McLean, Angela R.; Morgan, William H.; Ockendon, Nancy; Randall, Nicola; Sahlin, Ullrika; White, Thomas B. (Others, 2022)
      Applying evidence builds on the conclusions of the assessment of the evidence. The aim of the chapter is to describe a range of ways of summarising and visualising different types of evidence so that it can be used in ...
    • SDGs at the halfway point: How the 17 global goals address risks and wicked problems 

      Pedersen, Anders Branth; Hickmann, Thomas; Renn, Ortwin; Eckert, Nicolas; Jax, Kurt; Lepenies, Robert; Liu, Hai Ying; Lyytimäki, Jari; Reis, Stefan; Rusch, Graciela (Others, 2023)
    • Transforming Practice: Checklists for Delivering Change 

      Amano, Tatsuya; Bako, Longji; Best, Marina; Boenisch, Nicolas; Boersch-Supan, Philipp; Browne, Des; Buckley, Yvonne M.; Burgman, Mark; Cadotte, Marc W.; Cheng, Samantha H.; Canessa, Stefano; Christie, Alec P.; Citegetse, Geoffroy; Cook, Carly N.; Cooke, Steven J.; Cranston, Gemma; Dicks, Lynn V.; De la Luz, Angelita; Dickson, Iain; Downey, Harriet; Eklund, Johanna; Esmail, Nafeesa; Ferraro, Paul J.; Field, Alison; Fisher, Martin; Freckleton, Robert; Frick, Winifred F.; Godfray, Hugh Charles Jonathan; Grainger, Matthew; Green, Rhys E.; Hancock, Mark; Hemming, Victoria; Hughes, Jonathan; Irvine, Robyn; Jackson, Hazel A.; Keller, Kaylene E.; Koricheva, Julia; Latrémouille, Charles; McBride, Marissa; McLean, Angela R.; McPherson, Tom; Morgan, William H.; Muir, Matt; Mukherjee, Nibedita; O’Brien, David; Ockendon, Nancy; Parks, Danni; Petrovan, Silviu; Quinzin, Maud; Randall, Nicola; Rezaie, Ali Mohammad; Roe, Dilys; Rose, David; Rumpff, Libby; Sahlin, Ullrika (Others, 2022)
      Delivering a revolution in evidence use requires a cultural change across society. For a wide range of groups (practitioners, knowledge brokers, organisations, organisational leaders, policy makers, funders, researchers, ...