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    • A catch-22 conflict: Access to semi-domestic reindeer modulatesEurasian lynx depredation on domestic sheep 

      Mattisson, Jenny; Odden, John; Linnell, John Durrus (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2014)
      Conserving large carnivores in multi-use landscape is a global challenge. In northern Norway the presence of Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) conflicts greatly with the current ways of keeping free-grazing, unguarded livestock ...
    • Activity patterns of Eurasian lynx are modulated by light regime and individual traits over a wide latitudinal range 

      Heurich, Marco; Hilger, Anton; Küchenhoff, Helmut; Andrén, Henrik; Bufka, Luděk; Krofel, Miha; Mattisson, Jenny; Odden, John; Persson, Jens; Rauset, Geir Rune; Schmidt, Krzysztof; Linnell, John Durrus (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2014)
      The activity patterns of most terrestrial animals are regarded as being primarily influenced by light, although other factors, such as sexual cycle and climatic conditions, can modify the underlying patterns. However, most ...
    • Altitude, latitude, and climate zone as determinants of mountain hare (Lepus timidus) coat colour change 

      Stokes, Allan; Hofmeester, Tim R.; Thorsen, Neri Horntvedt; Odden, John; Linnell, John Durrus; Pedersen, Simen (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    • Behavioral responses of terrestrial mammals to COVID-19 lockdowns 

      Tucker, Marlee A.; Schipper, Aafke M.; Adams, Tempe S.F.; Attias, Nina; Avgar, Tal; Babic, Natarscha L.; Barker, Kristin J.; Bastille-Rousseau, Guillaume; Behr, Dominik M.; Belant, Jerrold L.; Beyer Jr., Dean E.; Blaum, Niels; Blount, J. David; Bockmuhl, Dirk; Boulhosa, Ricardo Luiz Pires; Brown, Michael B.; Buuveibaatar, Bayarbaatar; Cagnazzi, Francesca; Calabrese, Justin M.; Cerne, Rok; Chamaillé-Jammes, Simon; Chan, Aung Nyein; Chase, Michael J.; Chaval, Yannick; Chenaux-Ibrahim, Yvette; Cherry, Seth G.; Cirovic, Dusko; Coban, Emrah; Cole, Eric K.; Conlee, Laura; Courtemanch, Alyson; Cozzi, Gabriele; Davidson, Sarah C.; DeBloois, Darren; Dejid, Nandintsetseg; DeNicola, Vickie; Desbiez, Arnaud L.J.; Douglas-Hamilton, Iain; Drake, David; Egan, Michael; Eikelboom, Jasper A.J.; Fagan, William F.; Farmer, Morgan J.; Fennessy, Julian; Finnegan, Shannon P.; Fleming, Christen H.; Fournier, Bonnie; Fowler, Nicholas L.; Gantchoff, Mariela G.; Garnier, Alexandre; Heim, Morten; Heurich, Marco Dietmar; Kaczensky, Petra; Kindberg, Jonas; Linnell, John Durrus; Meisingset, Erling L.; Van Moorter, Bram; Mysterud, Atle; Panzacchi, Manuela; Rolandsen, Christer Moe; Solberg, Erling Johan; Strand, Olav (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      COVID-19 lockdowns in early 2020 reduced human mobility, providing an opportunity to disentangle its effects on animals from those of landscape modifications. Using GPS data, we compared movements and road avoidance of ...
    • Bevaringsbiologi - Fjellrev i NINA 2005 

      Landa, Arild Magne; Strand, Olav; Kvaløy, Kirsti; van Dijk, Jiska Joanneke; Eide, Nina Elisabeth; Herfindal, Ivar; Linnell, John Durrus; Andersen, Roy (NINA Rapport;102, Research report, 2005)
      Landa, A., Strand, O., Kvaløy, K., van Dijk, J., Eide, N., Herfindal, I., Linnell, J. og Andersen, R. 2005. Bevaringsbiologi – Fjellrev i NINA 2005 - NINA Rapport 102. 31 s. Fjellrev Alopex lagopus er en av de mest ...
    • Bevaringsbiologi. Fjellrev i NINA 2006 

      Landa, Arild Magne; Eide, Nina Elisabeth; Flagstad, Øystein; Herfindal, Ivar; Strand, Olav; Andersen, Roy; van Dijk, Jiska Joanneke; Kvaløy, Kirsti; Linnell, John Durrus (NINA Rapport;214, Research report, 2006)
      Landa, A., Eide, N. E., Flagstad, Ø., Herfindal, I., Strand, O., Andersen, R., Dijk, van, J., Kvaløy, K. og Linnell, J. D. C. 2006. Bevaringsbiologi – Fjellrev i NINA 2006. – NINA Rapport 214. 37 s. Fjellreven Alopex lagopus ...
    • Border Security Fencing and Wildlife: The End of the Transboundary Paradigm in Eurasia? 

      Linnell, John Durrus; Trouwborst, Arie; Boitani, Luigi; Kaczensky, Petra; Huber, Djuro; Reljic, Slaven; Kusak, Josip; Majic, Aleksandra; Skrbinsek, Tomaz; Potočnik, Hubert; Hayward, Matt W.; Milner-Gulland, E.J.; Buuveibaatar, Bayarbaatar; Olson, Kirk A.; Badamjav, Lkhagvasuren; Bischof, Richard; Zuther, Steffen; Breitenmoser, Urs (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      The ongoing refugee crisis in Europe has seen many countries rush to construct border security fencing to divert or control the flow of people. This follows a trend of border fence construction across Eurasia during the ...
    • Bringing large mammals back: large carnivores in Europe 

      Boitani, Luigi; Linnell, John Durrus (Chapter, 2015)
      The last century has seen a dramatic reversal in the status of large carnivores in Europe. A suite of co-occurring factors has permitted a large-scale recovery of most populations. We currently recognise 10 populations of ...
    • Building a resilient coexistence with wildlife in a more crowded world 

      Carter, Neil H.; Linnell, John Durrus (Journal article, 2023)
      There is an urgent need to sustainably coexist with wildlife. However, realizing this goal is hampered by scant understanding of the processes that facilitate and maintain coexistence. Here, we synthesize human–wildlife ...
    • Building biological realism into wolf management policy: the development of the population approach in Europe 

      Linnell, John Durrus; Boitani, Luigi (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2012)
    • Caching Behavior of Large Prey by Eurasian Lynx: Quantifying the Anti-Scavenging Benefits 

      Teurlings, Ivonne; Odden, John; Linnell, John Durrus; Melis, Claudia (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      caching; Capreolus capreolus; carrion; Eurasian lynx; Lynx lynx; Norway; predation; roe deer; scavenging
    • Camtrap DP: an open standard for the FAIR exchange and archiving of camera trap data 

      Bubnicki, Jakub W.; Norton, Ben; Baskauf, Steven J.; Bruce, Tom; Cagnacci, Francesca; Casaer, Jim; Churski, Marcin; Cromsigt, Joris P. G. M.; Farra, Simone Dal; Fiderer, Christian; Forrester, Tavis D.; Hendry, Heidi; Heurich, Marco Dietmar; Hofmeester, Tim R.; Jansen, Patrick A.; Kays, Roland; Kuijper, Dries P. J.; Liefting, Yorick; Linnell, John Durrus; Luskin, Matthew S.; Mann, Christopher; Milotic, Tanja; Newman, Peggy; Niedballa, Jürgen; Oldoni, Damiano; Ossi, Federico; Robertson, Tim; Rovero, Francesco; Rowcliffe, Marcus; Seidenari, Lorenzo; Stachowicz, Izabela; Stowell, Dan; Tobler, Mathias W.; Wieczorek, John; Zimmermann, Fridolin; Desmet, Peter (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      Camera trapping has revolutionized wildlife ecology and conservation by providing automated data acquisition, leading to the accumulation of massive amounts of camera trap data worldwide. Although management and processing ...
    • Can cultural ecosystem services contribute to satisfying basic human needs? A case study from the Lofoten archipelago, northern Norway 

      Kaltenborn, Bjørn Petter; Linnell, John Durrus; Gomez-Baggethun, Erik (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      There is gradual recognition that cultural ecosystem services are critical building blocks for human well-being. Cultural and provisioning services are often intertwined, difficult to separate, and play salient roles in ...
    • Captive-breeding population supplementation and reintroduction as tools to conserve endangered Arctic fox populations in Norway : detailed proposal and progress 2001-2004 

      Linnell, John Durrus; Landa, Arild; Andersen, Roy; Strand, Olav; Eide, Nina Elisabeth; van Dijk, Jiska Joanneke; May, Roelof Frans (NINA Oppdragsmelding;825, Research report, 2004)
      Within its Holarctic distribution, the global population of Artic foxes (Alopex lagopus) appears to be large and stable, however the populations of Fennoscandia were already endangered in the late 1920’s. This led to their ...
    • The challenges and opportunities of coexisting with wild ungulates in the human-dominated landscapes of Europe's Anthropocene 

      Linnell, John Durrus; Cretois, Benjamin; Nilsen, Erlend Birkeland; Rolandsen, Christer Moe; Solberg, Erling Johan; Veiberg, Vebjørn; Kaczensky, Petra; Van Moorter, Bram; Panzacchi, Manuela; Rauset, Geir Rune; Kaltenborn, Bjørn Petter (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      The cumulative impact of human activities has driven many species into severe declines across the globe. However, the recent focus on conservation optimism has begun to highlight case studies that go against this trend. ...
    • Co-adaptation is key to coexisting with large carnivores 

      Carter, Neil H.; Linnell, John Durrus (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2016)
      There is a pressing need to integrate large carnivore species into multi-use landscapes outside protected areas. However, an unclear understanding of coexistence hinders the realization of this goal. Here, we provide a ...
    • The Coexistence Potential of Different Wildlife Conservation Frameworks in a Historical Perspective 

      Kaltenborn, Bjørn P.; Linnell, John Durrus (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Wildlife management in contemporary Europe means balancing multiple demands in shared landscapes. Perhaps the greatest question facing today’s policy makers and wildlife professionals is how to develop frameworks for ...
    • The coexistence potential of different wildlife conservation paradigms in a historical perspective 

      Kaltenborn, Bjørn Petter; Linnell, John Durrus (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Wildlife management in contemporary Europe means balancing multiple demands in shared landscapes. Perhaps the greatest question facing today’s policy makers and wildlife professionals is how to develop frameworks for ...
    • Complacency or resilience? Perceptions of environmental and social change in Lofoten and Vesterålen in northern Norway 

      Kaltenborn, Bjørn Petter; Linnell, John Durrus; Thomassen, Jørn; Lindhjem, Henrik (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      Arctic and northern coastal regions are among the least developed in the world in terms of density of settlements, population and resource exploitation. It is often assumed that these regions will be frontiers of future ...
    • Conservation professionals agree on challenges to coexisting with large carnivores but not on solutions 

      Lute, Michelle L.; Carter, Neil H.; López-Bao, José V.; Linnell, John Durrus (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2018)
      Although many studies explore characteristics of stakeholders or publics “for” or “against” large carnivores, disagreements among conservation professionals advocating different conservation strategies also occur, but are ...