• An assessment of silvopastoral systems condition and their capacity to generate ecosystem services in the Colombian Amazon 

      Álvarez, Faver; Casanoves, Fernando; Suarez, Juan Carlos; Rusch, Graciela Monica; Bieng, Marie Ange Ngo (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      Livestock production in the Colombian Amazonia is typically dual-purpose (meat and milk) based on silvopastoral systems. We aimed to assess how the ecological condition of these systems correspond to the ecosystem services ...
    • The contributions of flower strips to wild bee conservation in agricultural landscapes can be predicted using pollinator habitat suitability models 

      Sydenham, Markus A. K.; Venter, Zander; Eldegard, Katrine; Torvanger, Marianne Strand; Nowell, Megan Sara; Hansen, Silke; Øverland, John Ingar; Dupont, Yoko L.; Rasmussen, Claus; Skrindo, Astrid Brekke; Rusch, Graciela Monica (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      1. Sowing flower strips along field edges is a widely adopted method for conserving pollinating insects in agricultural landscapes. To maximize the effect of flower strips given limited resources, we need spatially explicit ...
    • Science on ecosystems and people to support the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework 

      Schröter, Matthias; Berbés-Blázquez, Marta; Albert, Christian; Hill, Rosemary; Krause, Torsten; Loos, Jacqueline; Mannetti, Lelani M.; Martín-López, Berta; Neelakantan, Amrita; Parrotta, John A.; Quintas-Soriano, Cristina; Abson, David J.; Alkemade, Rob; Amelung, Bas; Baptiste, Brigitte; Barrios, Edmundo; Djoudi, Houria; Drakou, Evangelia G.; Durance, Isabelle; Llorente, Marina Garcia; Geneletti, Davide; Harmáčková, Zuzana V.; Jacobs, Sander; Kaiser, Nina N.; Kingsley, Jonathan; Klain, Sarah; Martínez-Harms, María José; Murali, Ranjini; O’Farrell, Patrick; Pandit, Ram; Pereira, Laura; Rana, Sakshi; Riechers, Maraja; Rusch, Graciela Monica; Sala, Juan E.; Schulp, Catharina J.E.; Sitas, Nadia; Subramanian, Suneetha M.; Villasante, Sebastian; van Oudenhoven, Alexander P.E. (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
    • Seasonal variation in urban pollen resource use by north temperate European honeybees 

      Davey, Marie Louise; Blaalid, Rakel; Dahle, Sondre; Stange, Erik; Barton, David Nicholas; Rusch, Graciela Monica (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2023)
      Urban green infrastructure can provide important habitats for pollinators and support urban ecosystem services. Therefore, these areas must be managed to maximize biodiversity and density of pollinating insects. We used ...
    • Undersøker samspillet mellom blåbær og humler i fjellet 

      Evju, Marianne; Eide, Nina E.; Løkken, Jørn Olav; Olsen, Siri Lie; Rusch, Graciela Monica; Åström, Jens (NINA Fakta;1-2016, Others, 2016)