• A review of circumpolar moose populations with emphasis on Eurasian moose distribution and densities 

      Jensen, William F.; Rea, Roy V.; Penner, Colin E.; Smith, Jason R.; Bragina, Eugenia V.; Razenkova, Elena; Balčiauskas, Linas; Bao, Heng; Bystiansky, Stanislav; Csányi, Sándor; Chovanova, Zuzana; Done, Gundega; Hackländer, Klaus; Heurich, Marco; Jiang, Guangshun; Kazarez, Alexander; Pusenius, Jyrki; Solberg, Erling Johan; Veeroja, Rauno; Widemo, Fredrik (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2020)
      Alces alces, Asia, distribution, Eurasian elk, Europe, GIS, harvest, moose, population density
    • Temporal patterns of moose-vehicle collisions with and without personal injuries 

      Niemi, Milla; Rolandsen, Christer Moe; Neumann, Wiebke; Kukko, Tuomas; Tiilikainen, Raisa; Pusenius, Jyrki; Solberg, Erling Johan; Ericsson, Göran (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      tCollisions with wild ungulates are an increasing traffic safety issue in boreal regions. Crashes involvingsmaller-bodied deer species usually lead to vehicle damage only, whereas collisions with a large animal,such as the ...