• Activity patterns of Eurasian lynx are modulated by light regime and individual traits over a wide latitudinal range 

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      The activity patterns of most terrestrial animals are regarded as being primarily influenced by light, although other factors, such as sexual cycle and climatic conditions, can modify the underlying patterns. However, most ...
    • International wildlife law: understanding and enhancing its role in conservation 

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    • Legal implications of range expansions in a terrestrial carnivore: the case of the golden jackal (Canis aureus) in Europe 

      Trouwborst, Arie; Krofel, Miha; Linnell, John Durrus (Journal article, 2015)
      Due to global environmental changes, species are appearing more frequently in places where they have not previously occurred, and this trend is expected to continue. Such range expansions can create considerable challenges ...
    • Predicting kill sites of an apex predator from GPS data in different multi-prey systems 

      Oliveira, Teresa; Sanchez, David Carricondo; Mattisson, Jenny; Vogt, Kristina; Corradini, Andrea; Linnell, John Durrus; Odden, John; Heurich, Marco Dietmar; Rodríguez-Recio, Mariano; Krofel, Miha (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      Kill rates are a central parameter to assess the impact of predation on prey species. An accurate estimation of kill rates requires a correct identification of kill sites, often achieved by field-checking GPS location ...
    • Timing and synchrony of birth in Eurasian lynx across Europe 

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      The ecology and evolution of reproductive timing and synchrony have been a topic of great interest in evolutionary ecology for decades. Originally motivated by questions related to behavioral and reproductive adaptation ...