• Confronting and coping with uncertainty in biodiversity research and praxis 

      Haila, Yrjö; Henle, Klaus; Apostolopoulou, Evangelia; Cent, Joanna; Framstad, Erik; Goerg, Christoph; Jax, Kurt; Klenke, Reinhard; Magnuson, William; Matsinos, Yiannis G.; Mueller, Birgit; Paloniemi, Riikka; Pantis, John D.; Rauschmayer, Felix; Ring, Irene; Settele, Josef; Similä, Jukka; Touloumis, Konstantinos; Tzanopoulos, Joseph; Pe'er, Guy (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2014)
      This paper summarises discussions in a workshop entitled “exploring uncertainties in biodiversity science, policy and management”. It draws together experiences gained by scientists and scholars when encountering and coping ...
    • SDGs at the halfway point: How the 17 global goals address risks and wicked problems 

      Pedersen, Anders Branth; Hickmann, Thomas; Renn, Ortwin; Eckert, Nicolas; Jax, Kurt; Lepenies, Robert; Liu, Hai Ying; Lyytimäki, Jari; Reis, Stefan; Rusch, Graciela (Others, 2023)
    • Sustainable Development Goals and risks: The Yin and the Yang of the paths towards sustainability 

      Eckert, Nicolas; Rusch, Graciela; Lyytimäki, Jari; Lepenies, Robert; Giacona, Florie; Panzacchi, Manuela; Mosoni, Claire; Pedersen, Anders Branth; Mustajoki, Jyri; Mille, Raoul; Richard, Didier; Jax, Kurt (Peer reviewed; Journal article, 2022)
      The United Nations 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define a path towards a sustainable future, but given that uncertainty characterises the outcomes of any SDG-related actions, risks in the implementation ...