• How many routes lead to migration? Comparison of methods to assess and characterize migratory movements 

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      Summary 1. Decreasing rate of migration in several species as a consequence of climate change and anthropic pressure, together with increasing evidence of space-use strategies intermediate between residency and complete ...
    • Large herbivore migration plasticity along environmental gradients in Europe: life-history traits modulate forage effects 

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      The most common framework under which ungulate migration is studied predicts that it is driven by spatio–temporal variation in plant phenology, yet other hypotheses may explain differences within and between species. To ...
    • Longest terrestrial migrations and movements around the world 

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      Long-distance terrestrial migrations are imperiled globally. We determined both round-trip migration distances (straight-line measurements between migratory end points) and total annual movement (sum of the distances ...
    • Migration in geographic and ecological space by a large herbivore 

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      Partial migration, when only part of the population migrates seasonally while the other part remains resident on the shared range, is the most common form of migration in ungulates. Migration is often defined by spatial ...
    • Moving in the Anthropocene: Global reductions in terrestrial mammalian movements 

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