• Assessing the resilient provision of ecosystem services by social-ecological systems: introduction and theory 

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    • Drivers of treeline shift in different European mountains 

      Cudlin, Pavel; Klopcic, Matija; Tognetti, Roberto; Mális, Frantisek; Alados, Concepcion L.; Bebi, Peter; Grunewald, Karsten; Zhiyanski, Miglena; Andonowski, Vlatko; La Porta, Nicola; Bratanova-Doncheva, Svetlana; Kachaunova, Eli; Edwards-Jonášová, Magda; Ninot, Josep Maria; Rigling, Andreas; Hofgaard, Annika; Hlásny, Tomáš; Skalák, Petr; Wielgolaski, Frans Emil (Journal article; Peer reviewed, 2017)
      A growing body of evidence suggests that processes of upward treeline expansion and shifts in vegetation zones may occur in response to climate change. However, such shifts can be limited by a variety of non-climatic ...