• Assessing the resilient provision of ecosystem services by social-ecological systems: introduction and theory 

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    • Ecosystem services mapping and assessment for policy- and decision-making: Lessons learned from a comparative analysis of European case studies 

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      This paper analyses and compares a set of case studies on ecosystem services (ES) mapping and assessment with the purpose of formulating lessons learned and recommendations. Fourteen case studies were selected during the ...
    • Improving collaboration between ecosystem service communities and the IPBES science-policy platform 

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      The end of the first working program of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) provided an opportunity to draw lessons from its work. This perspective paper captures ...
    • One Hundred Pressing Questions on the Future of Global Fish Migration Science, Conservation, and Policy 

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      Migration is a widespread but highly diverse component of many animal life histories. Fish migrate throughout the world’s oceans, within lakes and rivers, and between the two realms, transporting matter, energy, and other ...
    • The economy of selective cutting in recent mixed stands during restoration of temperate deciduous forest 

      Nordén, Björn; Rørstad, Per Kristian; Magnér, Jacob; Götmark, Frank; Löf, Magnus (Peer reviewed, 2019)
      Forest cover is increasing in many regions due to spontaneous reforestation on abandoned pastures and fields. The resulting recent forests may need management to improve ecosystem quality, and this could possibly be combined ...
    • When we cannot have it all: Ecosystem services trade-offs in the context of spatial planning 

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      Spatial planning have to deal with trade-offs between various stakeholders’ wishes and needs as part of planning and management of landscapes, natural resources and/or biodiversity. To make ecosystem services (ES) trade-off ...
    • Widening evaluative space for ecosystem services: a taxonomy of plural values and valuation methods 

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